50 MILLION. 'Avengers: Endgame' garners the most tweets about a movie ever. Photo from Avengers' Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Avengers: Endgame hasn’t just dominated box offices all over the world – the explosive Marvel finale has taken over Twitter, too. 

The wildly-anticipated culmination of 11 years and 22 movies of Marvel glory got the whole world talking. According to Twitter, the film raked in more than 50 million Tweets since the start of 2019, with half of that big number only coming from the past week. 

Die-hard fans professed their love, support, tears, and #ThankYouAvengers messages for their favorite team of superheroes.





The Avengers themselves also took to Twitter to return the love and nostalgia.






Aside from the hit blockbuster itself, who were the most talked about characters of the MCU? Surprisingly, resident baddie #Thanos tops the list, with the God of Thunder coming in second. 

  1. #Thanos
  2. #Thor
  3. #IronMan
  4. #CaptainAmerica
  5. #Hulk
  6. #Loki
  7. #Spiderman
  8. #BlackWidow
  9. #Groot
  10. #Nebula

Does it also come as a surprise that the Philippines ranks 3rd among the top 10 list of countries that Tweeted the most about the movie? Probably not.

  1. USA
  2. Brazil
  3. Philippines
  4. Thailand
  5. Malaysia
  6. Japan
  7. UK
  8. Mexico
  9. Indonesia
  10. France

The Avengers saga may have ended for now, but its legacy lives on – Marvel fans will definitely make sure of it. – Rappler.com 

Source: Rappler

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