SECOND ANNULMENT. Zsa Zsa Padilla shares she went through another annulment case, after finding out she was married to a Japanese guy she did not know. File photo by Jay Ganzon/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Zsa Zsa Padilla revealed that she went through another annulment case back in 2017, after discovering that she was "married" to a Japanese man, despite not knowing him.

In an interview with ABS-CBN on Friday, April 12, the singer said she and her fiancé, architect Conrad Onglao, were trying to get a Certificate of No Marriage back in 2016 when she discovered the alleged marriage.

"Ang totoo kasi niyan talaga, kasal ako. Sa iba. Na hindi ko kilala (The truth of the matter is, I was married. To someone else. Who I don't know at all)," she said.

"May nakakalagay doon, baka iba naman tao iyon (This was written there, referring to a different person) – Esperanza Padilla married to a Shigemi Nabehigashi. Of course, that's not me," she said.

Zsa Zsa said that based on the document she got, she supposedly married the Japanese man in Manila in 1992.

But the singer said it was impossible for her to have gotten married then, as she was in the United States with the late comedian Dolphy – who was her longtime partner – at that time.

After finding out about the situation, she and Conrad approached various people, including personnel from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Immigration, to trace the Japanese, "who visited Manila only once in 1993."

"Nangyayari pala ang kasalan sa bayan natin kahit walang bride and groom (Weddings apparently happen in our country even without a bride and groom)!... [I] had no other choice but to pray and accept that annulment was the only way," Zsa Zsa said on Twitter.

"I just want you all to know that before deciding to go on with the case, I've already forgiven whoever did this to me. It has given me so much heartache and tears and I felt I had to start proceedings with no bitterness or anger in my heart," she added.


The fake wedding has since been annulled, with Zsa Zsa receiving the papers that the decision was made on July 6, 2018.

"Can you believe I had to annul this 'marriage' I didn't even know about? Sadly, all this fake marriage needed were details of my birth certificate! My second annulment case went on for a year and I am finally annulled...again!"


Zsa Zsa also waited many years for the decision on the first annulment case between her and ex-husband Modesto Tatlonghari, the father of her daughter Karylle.

She said it was unfair that Modesto's name was dragged into the issue with her "marriage" to the Japanese, adding that she and Modesto "have been friends again" since Karylle's marriage in 2014.


Zsa Zsa got engaged to Conrad back in 2015. The two briefly broke up before getting back together again in late 2016–

Source: Rappler

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