LONG WAY. Gretchen Barretto says she's not yet ready to face her sister Marjorie, who she says has become 'toxic,' in her life. Screenhots from Instagram/@gretchenbarreto/@marjbarretto

MANILA, Philippines – Gretchen Barretto may have patched things up with youngest sister Claudine, but when it comes to another sister, Marjorie, the same doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

In an interview on DZMM Saturday, March 23, Gretchen explained why she's not ready to face Marjorie. "May kasabihan na 'never say never' pero allow me and indulge me. Gusto kong sabihin with regards to Marjorie: 'never,'" she said. (There's a saying that goes 'never say never,' but allow me and indulge me. I just want to say with regards to Marjorie: 'never.')

"I value my life, my mental health, my peace and my finances. I am not ready and I don't think I will ever be for Marjorie.... She has become so toxic in my life. I would not stop loving her but I also love myself, I also love my family," Gretchen added.

She said even if some members of her family have frowned upon the kind of life she lives, she doesn't want to be crucified for it. Gretchen added that while she values family, she finds happiness in other people who welcomed her even if they weren't related.

Why Gretchen is speaking up: Prior to patching up with Claudine, Gretchen had been estranged from her parents and siblings for many years. The actress recently spoke up after Marjorie's daughter Dani spoke about her estrangement from father Kier Legaspi in a YouTube video.

In that video, Dani said that her mom would walk her down the aisle since she raised her by herself. This did not sit well with Gretchen, who pointed out that she helped Marjorie raise Dani and that Kier had tried to reach out to his daughter.

“I love Dani. And uminit ang dibdib ko (my chest heated up), honestly as somebody who took care of her and I really, really wish na (that) she’ll have a little gratitude in her heart,” she said.

Kier earlier penned a letter to Dani on Instagram, saying that he will always be the first man who ever loved her. – Rappler.com 

Source: Rappler

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