COVEN of 4. Sunshine Dizon, Karylle, Diana Zubiri, and Iza Cazaldo take on the roles of sorceresses in 'Mystified.' Photo by Rob Reyes/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – After a long wait, the original sang'gres of Encantadia – Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado, Karylle, and Diana Zubiri – are back together for a project. Mystified just happens to be the first Filipino original movie under iflix. (WATCH: Original 'Encantadia' sang'gres reunite in new iflix project)

Directed by Mark Reyes, the same person behind Encantadia, Mystified, which will be streamed online starting March 29. The film reunites the 4 as witches, who must stop Hellga (Sunshine Cruz) from freeing the evil Lord Luvictus (Mustafa Elezali), who plans to control the world. (READ: Why Iza, Sunshine, Karylle, and Diana reunited in 'Mystified')

Just what do we expect from the reunion movie? Here's a few things to watch out for and know about the project.

1. The world of magic and salamangkas. This time, Mark Reyes dives into the work of magic, salamangkas, and witchcraft. The 4 sorceresses – Althea (Sunshine), Adela (Iza), Helena (Karylle), and Kathalina (Diana) are known as the Coven of 4 and work together with the guidance of a council led by Yang Ob (Dwight Gaston) and Devana (Cheska Inigo.)

COUNCIL. The Coven of 4 get reminders from the council on their mission. Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines

2. New powers. If Encantadia was about jewels and representing the elements, Mystified shows different powers for the 4.

Althea, who later becomes a doctor in the mortal world, is the healer and potions master. She can also unleash energy blasts.

HEALER. Althea (Sunshine Dizon) uses her knowledge to become a doctor. Screenshoot from YouTube/ iflix Philippines

Adela, who becomes a teacher, is gifted with telekinesis and can read people's minds.

MAGIC. Adela (iza Calzado) uses her magic to save some kids about to get into trouble. Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines

Helena, a vlogger in the mortal world, has the power of time travel.

TIME. Helena (Karylle) uses her power to get inside the portalis. (Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines

Kathalina, who becomes an events planner, is the atmoskinesser, meaning she has the ability to control the elements and fly.

COMBAT. Kathalina (Diana Zubiri) takes on Violeta during battle. Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines


3. New visual effects and costumes. Mystified also made use of the latest technology and CGi effects available. The costumes are different as well, with costume designer Biel Gustilo saying in a behind-the-scenes video that they made use of leather in many of the outfits.


Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines


4. Women empowerment.  With the movie centering around 4 witches, the element of women empowerment is front and center. But aside from defeating evil, the Coven of 4 are also faced with personal issues – the limits of their powers, falling in love, or revealing themselves to mortals.

TROUBLE. The 4 witches find themselves facing another danger. Screenshot from YouTube/iflix Philippines


5. Original sountrack of Mystified. For the movie's soundtrack, Karylle wrote and performed the song "Simula," which was produced by her husband, Sponge Cola lead singer Yael Yuzon. During the press conference, director Mark Reyes said that when he heard the piano version of the song, he immediately had a concept for the music video.

The inspiration of the song, according to Karylle, was from the journey the 4 of them had in their respective lives, beginning from their days in Encantadia. "It just parallel in away to the journey of the 4 girls in the movie," she said.

A rock version of the song can be heard on streaming platforms including Spotify.

Mystified streams on iflix starting March 29. –

Source: Rappler

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