BEST COLLAB. Popular stars Bretman Rock and Shay Mitchell surprise fans with 10 minutes of ASMR, eating, makeup, and fun. Screenshot from Shay Mitchell's Youtube account

MANILA, Philippines – What happens when you mix makeup, fried chicken, whispers, Youtube star Bretman Rock and You's Shay Mitchell? A hilarious ASMR, mukbang, and makeup tutorial crossover video you didn't know you needed.

The video combines three popular online trends – ASMR, which means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, wherein people experience "tingling" sensations or feelings of relaxation after hearing certain audio triggers; mukbang, also known as an "eating broadcast" where the host eats a food feast live in front of viewers; and of course, the timeless makeup tutorials.

Also on screen: Bretman's distinct sass and humor and Shay's cute reactions.

Expect a "bitch" count from Bretman, his special hidden "farting" talent, Shay's love for spicy fried chicken, their Miss Universe answers, and countless LOLs.

More video collabs of these two, please! –

Source: Rappler

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