REVOKED DIPLOMAS. Two members of BTOB, Seo Eun-kwang and Yook Sung-jae are among those whose diplomas were revoked from Dongshin University. Screenshots from Instagram/@yook_can_do_it/btob_silver_light

MANILA, Philippines – A number of K-pop artists had their diplomas degrees at Dongshin University revoked after South Korea's Ministry of Education found out that many of them did not attend enough classes to fulfill requirements for graduation.

According to a report from the Korean Times, those whose diplomas were canceled include two members of BTOB, Seo Eun-kwang and Yook Sung-jae; members of the group Highlight formerly known as Beast, Lee Gi-kwang, Yong Jun-hyung, Yoon Doo-joon, and Jang Hyun-seung; and singer Chu Ga-yeol.

The ministry's results that were released Monday, January 14, said that Dongshin University offered favors to the singers. The singers were also able to enter the school's broadcasting and entertainment department but rarely attended classes due to their schedules.

In the same report, the university said that under its policy, broadcasting events can be counted as attendance. The rule, however, was put into place only in 2015, with many of the said stars already enrolled in school at that time. 

It was also discovered that Chu Ga-yeol was also teaching while a student.

The ministry of education has since given a warning, saying they will "take stern action against corruption regarding college entrance and diplomas, as it gives huge social impact and shakes the foundation of whole educational institutions."

The university for its part said in a statement released through CNN: "We will closely review the measures to protect as much as possible those alumni who had received credits and degrees according to the above rule. And will set up the complementary measures including reorganization of the policy for a thorough operation of the school." –

Source: Rappler

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